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Using an SO card
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In the face of fierce competition in the world of commerce, it has become essential for store and mall owners to provide a unique and distinctive shopping experience for customers. One of the most important factors in the success of this experience is the ease of tracking the customer during the purchase process.

In this article, we will talk about a new feature that has been added to Edara called the Sales Order Card. This feature makes it easy to track the customer's purchases through the different departments of the store or mall with a card that is given to them upon entry. Therefore, all of the customer's purchases can be entered on a single sales order identified by the card. When the customer leaves the store, they hand the card over to the responsible employee, and then it is handed over to another customer.

The following steps explain how to activate the feature:

  • Open the Settings then the Modules Settings page.

  • In the Sales Settings section, enable the setting Activate SO Card.

  • Go to the Sales module then open the Sales Order page.

  • Start a new sales order.

  • Before opening the sales order, you will see a pop-up window for the SO card.

  • Receive the SO card from the customer.

  • Scan the SO card with the scanner device.

  • Enter the data and save the order

  • For the previously saved sales order, Add the new items, then update the order.

Explanation of some of the card's properties:

  • In case the scan fails or there is any temporary problem with the customer's card, you can skip the scan window and complete the order without a card.

  • The card associated with the sales order can be replaced by deleting it and adding another card.

  • The SO card can be searched in the payment page by scanning also.

The SO card data is deleted automatically in two cases:

  • Paying the sales order.

  • Canceling the sales order.

If the customer returns the sales order card without paying the order, you must make sure of the following before giving it to another customer:

  • The card is not associated with a sales order.

  • If the card is associated with a sales order, it must be canceled first like the image below.

You can benefit from the printing feature when paying by following the steps in the following article: print article link.

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