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Use custom fields in sales order details
Use custom fields in sales order details
Updated over a week ago

Now in EDARA, you can use a custom field (only one) in sales order details by following these steps:

  • Create a new custom field It is recommended to choose the field type as List

  • Press Next.

  • Enter the field name and its options .

  • Press Next.

  • Choose the position as Lines instead of the default Header option.

  • You can make the custom field mandatory .

  • Press Save.

  • This custom field will appear in the columns of the sales order details with the same name

  • Go to the columns on the sales order page and display the custom field column Then you can enter the custom field information for each line

Important Notes:

  • The type of the custom field cannot be changed after it is saved.

  • Only one custom field can be saved at the line level.

  • If a sales order has been previously saved, the information of the saved custom field cannot be modified. However, you can select a custom field for new lines only.

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