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Setting Up Approval Workflow for Purchase Orders
Setting Up Approval Workflow for Purchase Orders
Updated over a week ago

If you need to process multiple purchase orders continuously, you need to control that process by assigning some officials to approve the purchase orders to avoid executing them without approval from specific individuals.

From this standpoint, we have added a feature in "Edara" to set up a workflow for purchase orders that allows you to add one or two conditions for purchase orders, with the assignment of certain officials to review and decide on those orders.

Learn the steps for doing so.

Setting Up the Approval Workflow for Purchase Orders

  • Go to "Edara 3.0"

  • Click on "System"

  • Choose "Settings"

  • Select "V 3.0"

  • Click on "Purchase" from the side menu

  • Click on "Workflow"

  • Click "New"

  • Enter the name of the workflow

  • Set the order total status and value

Note: The available order total statuses are: less than or equal to, greater than or equal to, less than, and greater than, and you can set one or two conditions at most.

  • Specify who can approve orders that meet the condition(s)

  • Click "Save"

Thus, receipt or invoicing for a purchase order that meets these conditions cannot be made without the approval of the authorized personnel.

Important Notes

  • In case of multiple workflows, ensure to distinguish the conditions of each workflow to avoid conflicts or overlaps. For example, if we add a workflow for orders approved by a higher manager for higher values, it will appear as in the following image:

  • Those with approval authority can reject a purchase order, as well as retract their approval or rejection.

  • In case of retracting approval or rejection, the purchase order status will be modified to "Pending Approval".

If you encounter any challenges or have any questions during these processes, you can contact our technical support team, who are ready to assist you.

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