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Update products in bulk
Update products in bulk
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Now in ‘ Edara’ , you can update products’ data in bulk when using the new point of sale module as follows:

  • Open the Products page from the Point of Sale module.

  • Click Import.

  • Click Export to export all products' data in an Excel file.

  • Open the Excel file and edit the product data. Below are the columns available for editing (Fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.):

    • Product*

    • Full description

    • SKU*

    • Barcode*

    • Sales price

    • Weighted product: true / false

  • Save the modifications in the Excel file.

  • Click Choose File.

  • Select the Excel file containing the modifications from your device.

  • After uploading the file, the imported data will be verified.

  • If all data is correct and updatable, the Import button below the window will be activated.

  • Click Import.

  • A progress bar will appear to show the updating process. After completion, a message will appear indicating the number of updated products.

  • Click GOT IT.

  • If some data is incorrect, the Import button will not activate, and the following message will appear:

Some products do not pass the required validation. Please ensure that each record in the [Product] sheet contains [Product, SKU, Partnumber].

Important Notes:

  • Products data can be exported and imported, but bundls cannot be collectively modified.

  • Products that haven't been modified can be deleted by removing the entire row from the Excel file before uploading it on the import screen, as shown in the image below:

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