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Copy and Paste from Excel in Purchase request
Copy and Paste from Excel in Purchase request
Updated over a week ago

Now in Edara, you can easily copy and paste purchasing data from Excel into the purchase request document by following these steps:

  • Prepare the purchase data in Excel with the following columns in order: Product, Quantity, Price, Comments. The Product column may contain the product name, SKU, or part number according to the desired product identifier to be used.

  • Create a new purchase request document.

  • Copy the data from Excel (in the order of Product, Quantity, Price, and Comments, excluding the column header).

  • Click on the icon next to the search bar.

  • Choose the product identifier (by default, it is the product name, but you can select the SKU or part number based on the copied data).

  • Click Paste.

  • A summary of the paste operation will appear, indicating the number of records successfully pasted and any failed pastes.

  • Click Got it


Any invalid data will be ignored. You can export the pasted data to Excel to identify the data that failed to paste, as shown in the following image.

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