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How to make an import via Excel in issue transfer
How to make an import via Excel in issue transfer
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Step one : Export Excel form from “EDARA”

  • Go to the ”Warehouse” module

  • Open the ”Warehouses stocks” report

Certain columns must be specified for Excel to be entered on the opening balance page

  • Description

  • Local balance

  • Classification code (from custom view)

  • Show available serials (from other options) in case of needed serials

⭐Alert on choosing one warehouse

And activate showing the serial, if we need to enter serial data

  • Click generate

  • Move on ➕ then click on Excel

Step two

  • Open Excel sheet

  • Change Local Balance column into “Quantity”

Keep the stock items to be used and delete the rest

  • Insert Quantities

⭐Be sure that the excel sheet does not have any zero quantities , if some items has no balance delete its rows from the excel sheet

⭐ In the case of entering serial data, it is separated by a “,” and its number is equal to the quantity in the same line

Step three : Import Excel in issue transfer page

  • Go to the Warehouse module

  • Open the issue transfer page

  • Specify the warehouse then click New

  • Click on ⇅

  • Choose the excel sheet

  • Click “Save”

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