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More improvements in payment page
More improvements in payment page
Updated over a week ago

You can now select a group of sales orders and manually change the payment status on the payment page (from unpaid to paid or vice versa).

Practical case: This new feature can be used in the event that sales orders have been paid with a Cash In document or a Journal Entry separate from the sale order and you want to change the payment status.

Follow the following steps:

  • Go to Accounting

  • Open Payment page

  • Click Advanced Search

  • Select your filters (Choose Unpaid at the payment status)

  • Click Search

  • Select the orders

  • Click Mark As Paid

The status of the sale order payment will be changed to Paid, and when filtering by paid, the sale order will appear in the results.

And when filtering by paid orders, you can click Mark As Paid as shown below:

Because of the importance of this button, it was added to the page permissions, so that users can control who can use it or see it, as in the following image:

And the payment percentage has been added in the terms of the advanced search.

The following columns have also been added to the results page:

  • Paid Amount

  • Cashed Amount

  • Paid by JE Amount

  • Bank Cashed Amount

  • NR Amount

  • NR Collected Amount

  • NR Remaining Amount

  • Payment %

  • Payment Status User

  • Last Update Date

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