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Print bank cheques from Edara
Print bank cheques from Edara
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Some banks are strict that the pen that the cheque data are written to be the same pen that the “signatory” signs with, and sometimes the signatory is in a hurry to sign the cheque, and adding the contents of the cheque with the required accuracy bores him, so printing the cheque has been added so that the employee fills in all the required data and print the cheque to be ready for signature only.

  • Go to Accounting

  • Open the Cheque Printing page

  • Choose the Bank (In case the required bank is not available, please contact us to add it as soon as possible)

  • Select the Crossing type

  • Write the Payee Name and adjust the align

  • Add the Amount

  • Write the Signatory Name

Note: To modify any cell, you must click on it to show the options for modifying it (text, Amount, alignment, etc.).

The cheque is often placed in the place designated for A4 paper, paying attention to the calibration of the paper limiter according to the width of the cheque; Some printers may have a special entrance for printing cheques, and care must be taken to place the cheque in the printer, starting from the amount field, in order for it to be printed correctly (as in the following video).

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