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How to link the bank with bank account
How to link the bank with bank account
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The bank account must be created in advance, making sure that it is a bank type in order for it to appear in the list of bank accounts and to be linked to the bank

To create a new bank and link it to a bank account, the following must be followed

  • Go to Accounting

  • Open Notes receivable or Notes payable page

  • Click new

  • Search for the customer or the supplier

  • Click on + the middle of the screen

  • Press 🖉 with the option "Please select" in the Bank column

  • Insert the bank name then choose the account to be linked to from the drop-down list

⭐Note: It is possible to choose a previously saved bank from the drop-down list before clicking on the 🖉 icon and linking it to a bank account (we do not need this link except for banks in which the company has an account, and checks can be written to suppliers on it or checks received from customers can be deposited in it)

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